Wesley International Wesley Pack Mule Trailer

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Wesley Pack Mule Trailer

Wesley Pack Mule Trailer

Wesley International
Wesley Pack Mule Trailer



Pack Mule trailers are ideal for use in lean environments, and can easily be integrated into a dolly train with any Pack Mule tow vehicle. Trailer load capacities start at 1,700 lbs., and additional capacities are available. Each model is also designed to maintain the same track path as the tow vehicle used to pull them. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, Pack Mule trailers can withstand rugged industrial environments and require little maintenance.

Pack Mule's Linked 4-Wheel Quad Steer trailer comes equipped with pneumatic tires, and can easily be matched to a tow vehicle's tire specification. Providing a smooth, quiet ride, the Linked Four-Wheel Quad Steer trailer is ideal for uses over rough terrain, uneven surfaces, and is suitable for ramp operation. Its versatile design also allows for easy conversion into fifth wheel steering operations by removing connecting link and locking the rear axle.

Pack Mule's Center Pivot Steer trailer is a dual-purposed trailer that can be used in a multiple trailer train applications or as a push cart. Its design allows for easy loading/unloading and manual transport separate from towing applications, making it perfect in drop and pick environments.

Load Capacity: 1700 lbs
Deck Height: 17"
Spring Loaded Hitch