Wesley International Wesley Personnel Carrier 400 Series, Electric

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Wesley Personnel Carrier 400

Wesley Personnel Carrier 400

Wesley International
Wesley Personnel Carrier 400 Series, Electric



Do you need to transport people with equipment or supplies? No problem. Wesley Pack Mule® ™ carriers safely and efficiently move both people and materials. These green-friendly electric vehicles are perfect for factories, warehouses, distribution centers and sports arenas. The single and multi-passenger vehicles are suitable for most applications, and zero emissions make them safe for people and the environment.

Models: PC 400, PC 425, PC 440
Dimensions: 105" x 36" x 43"
Load Capacity: 1000 lb
Towing Capacity: 2000 lb
Available in 24-, 36-, and 48-volt models
Standard Features:
Dual Front Wheels
Programmable Characteristics
Sealed 350 amp Controller
Tamper-proof Speed Control
Regenerative Braking
Electronic Throttle Control
On-board Diagnostics
Maintenance Management System